Julie Gichuru: Family of Victim on Sunday Nation Front Page Should Sue The Paper #westgate

As Nation Media Group came under attack on Sunday for their choice of cover photo, Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru was of the opinion that the family of the victim whose face was on the front page, should sue the paper. These were her tweets.Daily Nation, I am shocked & horrified at the picture you deemed fit for the cover of your esteemed newspaper.#WestgateMall— Julie Gichuru (@juliegichuru)September 21, 2013Daily Nation, you could have opted for numerous images of heroism and courage under fire but no, you went for utter horror#WestageMall— Julie Gichuru (@juliegichuru)September 21, 2013Daily Nation, I humbly submit that the loved ones of the victim on your front page should sue.#LifeLessons#Dignity— Julie Gichuru (@juliegichuru)September 21, 2013The paper used a graphic Reuters image of a woman screaming in pain, with her face covered in blood. Kenyans on social media attacked the paper, prompting an apology from NMG CEO Linus Gitahi.Sunday Nation frontpage photo – REUTERSThe hashtag #Boycottdailynation was trending on Sunday morning but the boycott actually never happened, as most newspaper stalls ran out of Nation quite early.The paper also got a dressing down from interior secretary Joseph ole Lenku during a press briefing.©