Leaked NIS document details terrorist plots of an attack in Nairobi between Sept 13-21 #westgate

Director General ofNISMajor General Michael Gichangi in deep thought during a past national ceremony.He is due to appear before a House committee on Monday [PHOTO:COLLINS KWEYU/STANDARD]ByMARTIN MUTUA AND MWANIKI MUNUHEAn unprecedented leak ofIntelligencebriefings covering the past year paint the picture of a government fully informed of an impending Al Shabaab attack ahead of the The 8,800-word dossier details terrorist plots and other activities by the militant group, including a direct warning of a terror plot in Nairobi between September 13 and 21.This is likely to be Gichangi’s line of defence when he appears before the Defence and Foreign Relations Committee. If Gichangi’s assertions cut ice, the tide could turn against other security organs and senior officials who must answer question as to what they did or did not with theIntelligence. At a closed-door meeting of a joint committee of the House that is investigating the matter, the MPs admonished Gichangi forIntelligencegaps and security lapses that allowed terrorists to plan and execute the bloody attack.Defence and Foreign Relations Committee chairman Ndung’u Gethenji said “it is now time for people to take responsibility and to audit our security system.”are normally shared with Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku and his PS Mutea Iringo, Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemia (meaning President Uhuru Kenyatta must have been briefed), Inspector General David Kimaiyo and his two deputies and CID boss Ndegwa Muhoro.NISsubmitted a Situation Report dated September 21, 2002 — Serial No.184/2012 — which indicated that at least three suspected terrorists were in Nairobi planning suicide attacks on undisclosed dates.