Palestinian Man ‘Tortures Mouse After It Ate His Wages

A Palestinian man has been accused of an horrific act of animal cruelty after posting a picture on Facebook apparently showing him torturing a mouse that he claims ate his wages.The picture, posted by a Facebook user from Gaza, shows the mouse suspended by its legs with rope from a ladder.It has been claimed that the man was punishing the mouse for destroying two bank notes worth 200 Israeli Shekels (around £35) that were in his closet.According to Daily Mail, the man said that he had just been handed his weekly wage and hid it in the cupboard for safe keeping.But many people are claiming that the picture and the Palestinian man’s story is a fake and that it appeared on several other websites as a joke earlier in the year.Nevertheless the image provoked a strong reaction when it was picked up by the Gulf News website, with most readers appalled at the man’s actions.One reader from the United Arab Emirates posted on the site: ‘As desperate as the man must be to lose his money, torturing a helpless animal is not a good thing to do and not a solution.’Another mouse may come and what will he do then? Repeat this stupid act!?!’But some questioned the outraged response of others claiming that people were more concerned about the mouse’s fate than the plight of the Palestinian people.Similar actions landed a London teenager in hot water earlier this year.Andre Yankey, then 19, was spared jail by magistrates in July after making a homemade film showing him butchering a mouse.