#WestgateAttack Poem #WeAreOne #salute @dicksonotieono

The morning was peaceful: Noiseless but for her steady heartbeatAnd the air was motionless. Tranquil. Icy yet easy to inhale.Something was unique about today… Finer than most days.The energies of the warm sun gleamed o’er through the draperies,But they weren’t sunnier than the beam of her smile.Nothing was upbeat, livelier nor brighter than her today…The incandescent spirit she had excelled all bliss,There was strikingly an overflow of her joyfulness,And the runoff of it was overwhelming and uncontainable,Meticulously invigorating all.8hrs later she lays in this pool of blood, her clothes scarlet from her own blood,Washed up and powerless, unable to move,Two bullets…There is still life in her but she can’t make a sound,Her eyes get insipid with every passing minute,Two shots…Her mind struggling to muddle through, lifeless bodies all around her,The shopping attendant close snaps in his final breath,Westgate Shopping MallThe beautiful child under the table starts crying, gunshot…Loudest of screams are heard, then eerie silence. No more wails.The air smells of blood. Everything is hot and macabre.Explosions and gunshots…Sounds of people scampering for safety she hears.Her head is getting heavy,Her phone slides from her hand. “First Check-in at Westgate Mall” exposes Foursquare.The head hits the floor as she slips into a faint, although her soul brightly sings.…beautiful ‘set apart’ hands carry her.