Robert Alai And Cabu Gah’s Message To The Kenyan President @robertalai @gabugah

A few days ago, it was revealed that our President might just skip the trial against him by the International Criminal Court at the Hague. This was after an AU resolution communicated by AU’s Chair, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn who said that that no sitting African leader should be tried at any international court including ICC.These sentiments were echoed by Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed and ‘government blogger “Dennis Itumbi.However, a large number of Kenyans are not pleased with this decision and that includes Robert Alai and Rabble-Rouser Cabu GahRobert A. ‏@RobertAlai @UKenyatta please hear me out. Don’t get out of the ICC. Fight like a soldier. Make history. Be the head of state who allows justice.Robert A. ‏@RobertAlaiListen here,Kenyatta junior,the iccmay be a court headed by a bunch of blood-sucking white vampires, Bensouda may be a heartless, brainless fat ugly b*tch,the lawyers may be a bunch of cruel, satanic pieces of sh*t and the presiding judge may be a greedy, unscrupulous godless hungry pig…But none of that justifies your avoidance of the ICC court. even if you are innocent, just go attend, anyway. what better joy is there than to attend the court, clear your beautiful name and come home triumphantly to the warm hands of your beloved?Yes, they may be liars. They may be coaching witnesses. They may be evil-schemers. Or agents of Satan.Fine. but you need not avoid them. You need to confront them.Right at their door-step. Right in their land. evading the court will only provide them with more arsenal to launch against you. Evading the court will downgrade Kenya into a pariah state. A state led by a court-evading president. evading the court will make them brand you a fugitive president