AL SHABAAB claims responsibility for Garisa attack & reveal what they did to students!

Somalia based terror group, Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the terror attack on Garisa University today.The Al Shabaab attacked the university at 5.30 am on Thursday and started shooting indiscriminately killing at least 15 people as of 12 noon and wounding at least 65.They also held hostage over 400 students and their fate still remains unclear.They told the BBC that they separated Muslims from non-Muslims and killed the kaffirs in large numbers and that Kenyans will be shocked when they go inside the university because bodies are scattered everywhere.Here is what Al Shabaab told the BBC;-Al-Shabaab to BBC: “We have killed many people. Kenyans will be shocked when they go inside.”Al-Shabaab to BBC: