We’ve Been Saying Rihanna’s Name Wrong For 10 Years

Riri has kept her name on our lips for 10 years now, and while we’ve been listening to every word the Bad Gal has sung since she first came into our lives with her 2005 debut For a decade, we’ve been screaming Rihanna’s name, except we’ve been pronouncing it all wrong — or at least not pronouncing the way that she does. Most of us say, “Ree-ah-na,” but on Sunday, RiRi posted a Instagram video to announce that she’s on Snapchat and urged you to follow her. Her name is “Ree-anna.”At the end of the video, Rih subtly reminds us that we’ve been butchering her name all this time. She’s been real cool about it the past 10 years (if it was me I’d be fourfiveseconds from wildin’), but maybe,we should get it right before the new album hits.