South Africa’s #Xenophobic Attack Takes Its Toll On Kenya. G

The aftermath of anti-foreigners attack in South Africa is being felt in Kenya. Flying to the rainbow nation to shoot videos has been a thing of some top Kenyan celebrities but the current situation in SA has made some get a cold feet.The consequences of xenophobic killings in SA are beginning to bite hard. Following the recent outbreak and ongoing spate of anti-foreigners attack on fellow Africans by South Africans, Gospel star, Papa Dennis, has cancel his video shoot slated to take place in SA in coming weeks.Speaking exclusively to Ghafla!, the ‘Foundation’ hit maker lamented the ongoing attack on other African nationals living and working in SA.He said he has put on hold the shooting of his new video until further notice.”Why should I take part in the video shoot when they are attacking fellow Africans?” quipped Papa Dennis.”The people who would take part in the video from dancers to directors are all South Africans but their brothers and sisters are attacking fellow Africans so what’s the point of giving them jobs when they don’t need us in the first place?” He added. Papa DennisPapa isn’t new to South Africa, his viral video, ‘Injili’ was shot there. For him to snub SA , the situation must be really dire for foreigners.The gospel star hinted that he will fly in video directors of his choice to make his new video here in Kenya.