‘.Bro just chose to write it here because after all you’ve been doing to me you don’t answer my Calls same time being arrogant to me on your texts… BUT One of the greatest virtues my Mum ever left me with is the virtue of Respect & Humility. 1st I respect anyone who came into the Music Ministry ahead of me and that’s why I respect your position in the Industry remembering you came 3 years b4 Kenya heard my Name. But Bro it seems you’re taking my Kindness for weakness… Just because BAHATI is known by Kenyans as soft spoken ati Nimpole hataongea. I agree but is just because GOD had not given me a go ahead, I try my best Nkunyamazie just to let God lead my path. You have tried many times to Create a “BEEF” between us because you’re always looking for a “SCANDAL” but do you know Why I have never answered anything about you Bro????? First.. Because am not called for Fame.. This’s God-given and GOD can take it from me anytime He wants so I try to HUMBLE that He may Receive the glory. Second.. I have a Society back where I come from in MATHARE that look up to me not as a Celeb as an inspiration. Bro Willy am here to make a Change I didn’t come to compete with you in Singing “BONGO MUSIC” but God put me here to be A VOICE TO THE, GHETTO, EASTLAND… AFRICAN CHILD. My mission is not the Music.. My mission is the Message to get home for the African Child and if there’s any other way God can use Let Him do I’ll stop Singing to make you happy. But Bro remember you came into Music b4 me but why are you making me feel as if we are in a Competition????When I release a Song do you have to rush or be on Standby releasing yours to Counter Mine?????? Remember you had told many People around that your song was a minor song just to distruct the public from Embracing my Song‪#‎LOVER‬… Are we in the Gospel???? Are we doing this for God or fighting to see which Name is Big?????? The main aim of writing this to you is Because am Not even at peace with your spies you send all Over me to know what New am doing .. Are we still in the Gospel?????…….. Been quiet but I thought that is not salvation so I would like the Public.. Fans & Family to help me in THIS .. I recorded a Song with producer TEDDY B you went listened and undercover you recorded the Same Song, same Message, Same Producer even shamelessly same TITLE ::‪#‎MAPENZI‬…. bro you did that because I can’t open up to the public ukidai Bahati ni Mpole. Remember you’ve stolen 2songs already but kept Quiet … Now you going to every Producer who has my UN-RELEASED songs bribing them you get my Songs that KENYA has not even heard and then rushing to release them.. Already you have stolen my Next NEW song that am supposed to release and Rushing to release it next Month b4 I release mine… NDUGU YANGU… TUMEOKOKA KWELI????? But you know what Bro.. I have forgiven you and even given you the songs. #MAPENZI… #MARIA which you now call #SALIMA don’t hold just rush & release it. But Always Remember it’s not Music that Sustains a Musician but the GOD IN US!!! I depend on GOD to be in the position IAM . Lastly Willy Paul no One is Holy so.. forgive me if I have ever wronged you in anyway. But jua tuu hujakua ukinifanyia Poa Bro.” Wily paul mchafu or msafi?


Shock as gospel artiste Bahati accuses Willy Paul of stealing his music

Mtoto wa Mama literally broke the internet when he posted an accusatory letter to fellow gospel artiste Willy Paul.In a heartfelt letter, Bahati accused Willy of stealing not one, but two of his songs and re-recording them.The letter stated that Willy went as far as bribing producers to get Bahati’s unreleased songs.Willy allegedly re-recorded Bahati’s song under the title Mapenzi. He is now accused of stealing another Bahati song, Maria, which he plans to release with the title Salima.In an exclusive interview with SPD, Bahati confirmed that indeed he had tried to reach out to Willy Paul several times but his efforts have not been forthcoming.’Willy has taken advantage of my kind and polite nature. He knows I do not like beef so he keeps pushing me,’ Bahati said. ‘The first song he stole I politely told him off. I let it go. But when he took a second, I called him and he was very abrassive and rude in his response.”Why did you choose to post this on your social media pages,’ we asked him.The outrightly annoyed Bahati, said that he had decided to take it to Facebook since Willy Paul had proven difficult to reach.’I have collected enough evidence and I felt it was time that the world knew just what has been happening. I have been facing a lot of challenges moving forward and when it’s a fellow gospel artist, it totally breaks my heart,’ Bahati concludes.This is not the first time Willy Paul has been accused of lifting song content from other artists. His big hitTAMTAMwith Size 8 caused a storm after Elijah a local artist accused the star of stealing his song, even challeging him to take it court. Willy has also been accused of lifting content from secular songs. More recently he released Vigelegele which critics say bears an uncanny similarity to Burna Boy’s Check and Balance hit. Claims that he has repeatedly refuted.

This is exactly what AL SHABAAB told students before killing them and being killed later

– Survivors of Thursday’s deadly terror attack recounted what Al Shabaab terrorists told students who they had held hostage explaining why they had to attack Garisa University before killing them in cold blood.According to those interviewed, the Al Shabaab explained to students that they are paying for the mistakes and arrogance of President Uhuru Kenyatta of refusing to withdraw Kenya Defence Forces from Somalia.Maurine Mayengo, who miraculously survived the attack but overhead all the conversation by Al Shabaab with the hostages, said the militia were talking inSwahiliand made it clear to students that Uhuru is to blame for their deaths.“Tumekuja hapa kuwaua nyinyi na pia sisi tukufe, hatuogopi kukufa (We are here to kill you and die too. We are not afraid of death.) You are dying to pay for the arrogance of your political leader (President Uhuru) who has refused to pull out your military officers from Somalia. As long as Kenya’s military is in Somalia, it will be paid with its citizens’ blood,” Maurine overheard one of the gunmen telling hostages.Besides, the Al Shabaab revealed that they had warned Uhuru/ Ruto’s Government that they would be coming but the Government didn’t take them seriously.“We have warned your authorities many times over our plans to attack. We have issued alerts warning over the same but you are today paying for your Government’s refusal to heed to our threats and calls to remove your soldiers in our country,” Mayengo heard another terrorist saying.They told the students that the Garissa attack was just but the beginning because more terror attacks targeting learning institutions are on the way.“This is the beginning of more attacks that will be targeting learning institutions in Kenya,” the terrorists warned just few minutes before they killed 147 students.

Two Egerton University students arrested after posting fake and alarming terror threat messages on Facebook.

Two Egerton University students arrested after posting fake and alarming terror threat messages on Facebook.The two Egerton university students have been arrested and will be interrogated for causing panic after they sent alarming and false terror threats on a fake Facebook account.The message which was posted on ‘Egerton Campus Life page’ said, “We are not joking and if you think we are wait for us. Garissa is nothing compared to what will in Egerton University, Allah is to be worship. We have spies and maps of the whole Egerton.”Police had placed Sh2 million reward on Robert Mungai alias Robert Mohammed Blues a man alleged to be behind the social media posts soon after the messages started circulating.The arrested students were identified as Titus Ngare Nyagah an Economics/sociology student in his second year and Alex Wachira. On interrogation they told police they were doing it for fun.Njoro sub county commissioner Mohamed Noor said the arrests were made at 1am on Saturday following a long search by police. The students had been using a fake Facebook account to claim there was a planned terror attack at the university and using the name of Robert Mungai aka Robert Mohamed Blues. Police want to understand if they have any links to terror groups. Some students are said to have escaped from the main college and other campuses fearing an attack would happen.The incident came two days after four terrorists struck Garissa University and killed 148 people before they were killed by special police in a 12 hour siege.Two other suspects are being held over the attack. They include a Tanzanian national.

RECCE do it again as they kill all terrorists in just 12 minutes after a 16 hr hostage situation

– The General Service Unit (GSU) Recce Squad once again lived up to its promise and call of duty and did Kenya proud yesterday after they ended the campus siege in just under 12 minutes after almost a 16 hour hostage situation and serious exchange of fire between the Al Shabaab terrorists and the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).Even though it took the Israel-trained Recce Commandos almost five hours to reach Garisa where Al Shabaab had killed many students and held several others hostage, they never disappointed when they went inside because they killed all the four terrorists who had held students hostage in just 12 minutes despite having live grenades and explosive vests.Even though it took the Israel-trained Recce Commandos almost five hours to reach Garisa where Al Shabaab had killed many students and held several others hostage, they never disappointed when they went inside because they killed all the four terrorists who had held students hostage in just 12 minutes despite having live grenades and explosive vests.The operation at Garisa University was different from the Westgate one where KDF and Recce commandos caused confusion at the mall after Recce had cornered the terrorists and just about to end the siege and in the process bungled everything leading to more deaths than anticipated.Yesterday’s terror attack on Garisa campus left 147 students dead and 104 seriously wounded.


Yesterday Kenya woke up to one of the most horrific scenes to be witnessed in this country. Social media was awash with blood, sorrow and dead bodies of Garissa University Students.The enemy had struck once again and as we speak now, 147 have been confirmed dead with scores others badly injured.The government however acted with immediate effect and embarked on a vicious manhunt of the terrorists and so far 3 have been arrested with another four shot dead.


BREAKING: “censured”, urges the Al’ Shabaab spokesperson Ali Dheere in a new audio message issued about one hour ago about the Christian hostages remaining inside the Garissa University compound with Al’ Shabaab gunmen. The sun sets tonight on a bloody day in Garissa, Kenya as Al’ Shabaab continues a 17 hour siege that began around 5:30 a.m. when they stormed the University campus. They took both Muslim and Christian hostages among the students, but later released all the Muslim students. The Kenyan Defense Forces plus local police are currently battling the militants for control of the university compound. Its been slow going for the KDF and Police due to Al’ Shabaab snipers positioned on the rooftop of the university. The death toll currently stands at 147 dead, over 79 reported injured, and 500 students rescued in total throughout the operation. Earlier, Al’ Shabaab in a cruel twist of fate allowed some of the Christian hostages to ‘call home’ from their confiscated cell phones, then immediately beheaded them all afterwards, American Jihad Watch has exclusively learned from a contact within the Kenyan authorities. Prior to storming the Garissa University compound and occupying one hostel, American Jihad Watch has learned that Al’ Shabaab actually entered the university compound two hours earlier than reported. At 3 a.m. Al’ Shabaab gunmen crept up to the campus and remained hidden there for 2 1/2 hours, until around 5:30 a.m., when they suddenly burst into action and began their attack. What is especially troubling about this incident, besides the obvious ‘inside’ help the militants had in attacking the campus, is the fact that a large military presence was on the streets surrounding Garissa University around 3 a.m. due to the fact that they were rounding up, and roughing up students that were out late, and considered out of control. Despite this, Al’ Shabaab managed to get over six gunmen past a vast security apparatus, and then wait over two hours inside the campus compound to begin their early morning assault. No one seems to be reporting this information within the mainstream media, and it is vital, because it points to a ‘mole’ within the Kenyan security ministry that needs to be ferreted out, or else attacks like this will certainly continue. American Jihad Watch has learned from a source within the intelligence community there that some within the Kenyan government are hiding the fact that this may be a ‘decoy’ attack by Al’ Shabaab, and that an even larger, more massive attack is being set up and about to be executed somewhere within Kenya, or perhaps even Somalia. *** courtesy of AJW

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