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We’ve Been Saying Rihanna’s Name Wrong For 10 Years

Riri has kept her name on our lips for 10 years now, and while we’ve been listening to every word the Bad Gal has sung since she first came into our lives with her 2005 debut For a decade, we’ve been screaming Rihanna’s name, except we’ve been pronouncing it all wrong — or at least not pronouncing the way that she does. Most of us say, “Ree-ah-na,” but on Sunday, RiRi posted a Instagram video to announce that she’s on Snapchat and urged you to follow her. Her name is “Ree-anna.”At the end of the video, Rih subtly reminds us that we’ve been butchering her name all this time. She’s been real cool about it the past 10 years (if it was me I’d be fourfiveseconds from wildin’), but maybe,we should get it right before the new album hits.



#1Fashion: MileyMiley used to follow mainstream trends, but these days, she’s quickly becoming a fashion icon. Sure, some of her looks are a little daring, but most of her outfits match the tone of her transformation. Her stage outfits can be a little outlandish, but her street style is on point.
#2Fashion: Rihanna
Rihanna is easily one of the most beautiful celebrities out there today. She’s got model good looks and makes for a great cover girl. However, her look can be a bit inconsistent. Sometimes she looks like a posh princess, so unattainably perfect but the next day you’ll see her slumming around in a baggy t-shirt and no pants. She’s got it all within her to be a stunning trend-setter, but we like her fashion when it’s a little more chic and less street-walker!
Sign up now!Personalize your browsing experience 0#3The Live Act: Miley
Miley’s music is more about creating a great live show rather than a great live sound. As we’ve learned from some of her TV appearances, her vocals have trouble holding up in a live setting (especially when she’s twerking!). We just hope to never see a repeat of the VMAs because we can all agree that it was pretty awkward and even a little disturbing.
5. Rihanna’s performances vary from album to album but overall she is very good entertainer. She maintains good control of her voice and when she doesn’t try to work into the act too much, she comes out looking very strong and professional. Her concerts are loud, full of bold props, celebrity cameos and seriously crazy outfits but most fans would agree that she doesn’t need any of that extra stuff!
6. Miley’s drastic image change was gradual, but impressive. After years of trying to break out of her “Disney Princess” mold she finally succeeded in 2013. Her style seems to have settled in somewhere between rock and hip hop, and her recently released singles seem to fit the bill.
RiRi too went through an image makeover. 7.When we were first introduced to her, her style was much more PG than the S&M look she debuted in her last album. This coincided with a tumultuous time in her life, punctuated by a troubling relationship with embattled singer, Chris Brown.
Oh wow, what a difference a few years makes! Keep in mind, the girl was under contract during most of her teenage years to keep up the Hannah Montana image so she missed out on all of the fun styles. The big chop only seemed natural and after a few awkward months with it, she’s finally figured out how to make it her own.
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#8The Hair: Rihanna
RiRi’s hair seems to change with the seasons. We love that you never know what look you’ll get with her. Her red phase was absolutely stunning, her original style was great and we couldn’t get enough of that short, black haircut she rocked for a while.